Introduction to Ise-Momen

In Japan, cultivating cotton plants, spinning thread and weaving cotton textiles began at the end of the Muromachi period (around the 16th century) when cotton seeds came to Japan. Before that cotton threads and textiles were imported, expensive goods, therefore only wealthy people such as nobles and aristocrats could purchase them.

Common people used rough hemp, fur, kusawata (grass cotton) and silk. During the Edo period (17th century) cotton rapidly became popular among common people. Cotton textiles were produced in several places in Japan including Mikawa, Kawachi and Ise. These areas were all located not far from large cities and near big rivers with good transportation access.

The beginning, basic woven patterns were plain with regional patterns developing later such as Shijira-ori, Kurume-gasuri and so on. Among them, Ise Momen has been produced and sold under this same brand name from the Edo era to the present. There have been ups and downs over the years, now Ise Momen is produced only by our company using the same production system from the old days.

The production system has not changed over the past 400 years, but the development of power machinery has changed the labor from manual to machine. Our facility has not changed in over 150 years.

The skeins of thread are dyed and prepared on the warp of a loom. We use old woven patterns, such as karusan strips for monpe pants and futon strips for bedding textiles. Now woven textiles are mainly used for everyday kimonos. In western life style not many people wear kimonos, but people are still interested in wearing them in Japan.

Toyota loom

List of Marketing Goods for Expo Milano 2015

Ise momen roll 200EUR Length- 13.5 M, Width- 41cm.

Woven on a Toyota narrow loom

Tote Bag 95EUR

Handkerchief 5EUR

Tenugui (hand towel) 12EUR

Ise Momen is dyed using Ise Katagami

Furoshiki double widthi80~80cmj30EURAtriple width (120~120cmj60EUR

Folding Fan 70EUR

Pouch 10EUR

Pouch with shell netsuke 10EUR

Folding Wallet 12EUR

Stole 20EUR

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